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Below is my original home page.  If you are familiar with it already, go check out my latest project -  "an advanced internet class", tested and run on a ninth grade group. (1998/9)

Hi, my name is Alisa.  I teach English in a high school in Israel, and I have been using the Internet to teach English in my classes. My husband, Steve, is my main tutor and  emotional advisor in developing the techniques I have been using, and in building this home page.  (it takes a lot of patience to help ME!).. *S*

I am in touch with many teachers from all over the world (through my Email exchanges with my students),  and from what I have seen so far, most teachers are using the Internet as an "end", rather than as a "means" to teach.  I have developed a method whereby I am using the internet as a means to teach English to my students, and I would like to tell you about it.  I hope you find it worthwhile.

If you are interested to see where I teach, press here.

If you would like to know how I have developed my method of using the Internet in my virtual classes,   press  here.

You can also view some of my assignments to my students, as well as papers sent to me by them on different topics.

This is an ongoing project in two classes, grades 10 and 11, very heterogeneous in nature. No native speakers in any of them.  The 11 graders started using the internet with me in 1997 (when I had hardly any idea where to start) and the 10 graders began their internet classes this year. Some of the students are connected to the web at home, but most of them use it mainly at school. I usually go to the computer lab with them once a week, for one lesson.

I would like to thank all those who have helped and encouraged me in this endeavor - my husband Steve,   Nellie, Kathleen and Bill, Carol, Roy and Cathy, my friends (cyber and otherwise) who helped by being there to answer my students' email, all my students, and special thanks to Arcady Yosfin, our school computer technician who is always there to help!!

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