Below are some of my favorite links

YahooMail This is the best and most useful web based mail service available today.  The spellcheck function, the folders and the address book are easy to use.
Hotmail Hotmail is less friendly than it used to be, and you must be careful to use it frequesntly.  . If you leave it unactivated for more than 3 weeks, your account will disappear!!
Refdesk An excellent site full of many wonderful and useful links. I use it regularly
The Lyrics Library Looking for lyrics of any song? You'll probably find it here. 


        Postcard sites
Bluemountain Virtual Florist  (still free)


        My Favorite Search Engines


        Israeli sites
The Jerusalem Post The best English language newspaper in the middle east.  King Hussein used to read it every day.
ETNI English Teachers Network of Israel

CNN My best source for news articles for classroom discussions.  
Babylon  This is a terrific translation program. Download it.  It used to be free, but no longer.


        English teaching sites
CNN teaching site This site includes both reading comprehension texts as well as language exercises.
News Stories Very nice site with stories for educational purposes.  It contains a variety of language exercises for each story.  Some are audio.  The site is for intermediate level students.
The Onestop Magazine Topical news items edited to three levels with worksheets for each level for you to use in the English class.
Randall's teaching site This is a good site for listening comprehension. Good overall site primarily for students' use.
Interactive Quizzes Online English grammar quizzes
Activities for ESL students This site contains a wide variety of English language exercises.
Esl Resource Guide An ESL Resource Guide for Language Instructors (recommended by Luis)


         Literature sites    
The Poetry Archives If you're looking for a poem or a poet, this is the place.
The Electronic Text Center An excellent source for all sorts of literature.




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